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About Us

In the last 47 years, Innovation has paved the way forward for us at Gera. Every project has been a successful attempt of outdoing preceding endeavours.

Today, one cannot spell commercial development In Goa without mentioning Gera's Imperium series. The journey began by introducing the state to contemporary design with Gera's imperium 1 and Gera's Impenum 2. Soon to follow was Gera's Imperium Green that redefined ecofriendly architecture. The next in the series- Gera's Imperium Grand and Gera's Imperium Star will help entrepreneurs revolutionize the way they do business in Goa.

Now, we take a step further and add another Jewel in our Crown, with Gera's Imperium Premio.

Gera's Imperium Premio-about us
Gera's Imperium Premio-Green Features

Green Features At Work

Green Features Advantages Benifits
Low adhesives & sealants Eliminates hazardous airbome emission & improves quality of internal environment. Promotes better health.
Use of RMC for concrete work. Recyled materials used & reduction in use of portland cement. Cement dust dose not pollute the area since the mix is done at a remote location. Promotes better health.
Maximum floorin using creamic tiles/ paver blocks. These are made of clay eco-friendly material. Lower environment degradation.
Timer based lightning is basement. Reduce electrical consumption. Lower electricity bills.
Energy-saver lights in common area. Reduce electricity. Lower electricity bills.
Low flow taps. Reduce water & electricity consumption. Lower electricity bills & lower water consumption.

Key Specifications

Sr. No. Location Specification
I Stucture. The building will be Rcc framed structure & partly load bearing coloums,beams& slabdesin will be as per noraml practice. Material used in the Rcc stucture will be as per normal standard practices as available & as specified by stuctural desine.
II. Internal Walls. Shall be blocks & bricks finished with gypsum plaster & two coats of oil-bound distemper paint.
III. Power Supply. A load of 130 watts/square mater of carpet area will be provided after aplling suitable diversity factor.
IV. Windows. Shall be powder coated slinding aluminum windows. Toiletes shall have openable/sliding aluminum windows,glass louvers.
V. Waterproofing. The roofs & tollets will be waterproofed in case of a leakage the same will be variation in the shade of paints is expected & will be accepted,Any breaking tempering to the sturcture services & existing finishes will render all warranties null & void.
VI. Doors . A-Sopes,Restaurants & Showrooms shall be provided with rolling shutters.
B-Tollets: To have door frames of developer's choice with laminated flush doorshutters.
VII. Flooring. Shops shall have vitrified tiles Restaurants & showrooms shall have vitrified flooring of approximate 600mmx600mm,Balcony,Passages,attached terrace shall have creamic tiles or equivalent.
VIII. Toilate Whithin Units. Provision for toilates will be made in Shops,Restaurants & Showrooms where applicable.The purchaser is may resquest the promotor to provide a toilate whitin his unit at such extra coast as decided between pratices,However,the same shall be subject to being convient to the promoter & not affering the contruction quality or schadule in any way Expert Shop No1&4 at ground floor & Shop no 101 & D4 at the first floor.
iX. Fire Protection. The fire protection system of the building shall be as per fire NOC.
X. Staircase Wherever Apllicable. Restaurent with top terrace access shall be provided with RCC/MC sataircase with MS Ralling & flooring as per developer choice.
XI. Attached Balconies/Terrace . Terrace perapet wall or ralling with paint finish or 5mm flot glass panels with metal support as per desing be provided.
XII. WIFI . Shops will be provided with WIFI routres Activation including payments of internate broadbond access charges will be the responsibilty of the customers.
Gera's Imperium Premio-Gera 5year Warranty



Over four decades of unwaering commitment to quality, innovation and finest customer service has earned us the trust and respect of our customersas well as the reputation as polneers in the real estate industry.As a leader in the industry,we have established a new benchmark in quality and services.The Gera Warranty,offered for the very first time in india by Gera Developments in 2004. The Gera Warranty realfirms our commitment to customer's satisfaction and is a testimony of faith in the quality of our faith in the quality of our construction, materials and desings. We believe in what we do and we stand by our works. By offering a 5 year warranty to you, we ensure that the entire property stays in premium condition for years to come. THE GERA WARRANTY INCLUDIES . Preventive maintenace .Repairs For more details on the Grea Warranty please ask for our Warranty Brocher

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    The Gera Edge

Our 47-year old pholipsophy of Outdo continues to drive us to exceed expectations perform beyoubd set standards. As a result we are able provide our customers the advantages which we classily as The Gera Edge.

Gera's Imperium Premio- The Gera Edge
Gera's Imperium Premio Location Kadamba Plateau, Goa


Being at Kadamba Plateau, Gera's Impenum Premio is poised to become the nerve center of commercial activity in Goa. The complex is located on old Goa highway which is a prominent route connecting major parts of the state. So the location is a perfect catchment, as you have access to shuttling crowd besides the people who will drive-in.The complex is approx. just 12 mins, away from Panjim and enjoys excellent connectivity to Dabolim Airport as well.

Gera's Impenum Premio is at a vantage point to offer a splendid view to all your visitors. With this the location checks all the boxes for being a visually appealing one apart from having superb connectivity.